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Sales/Marketing Officer at Dyarco Shipping

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Job Description

Sales and Marketing duties based on logistics, freight forwarding industry. Engaging with customers regularly, generating leads across various industries, databasing client lists and contributing towards effective sales plans with revenue generating targets and good negotiation skills.

Core Requirements

  • Qualifiable knowledge of freight forwarding industries
  • Qualifiable knowledge of Qatar marketĀ 
    • 3-4 years of experience in the same field in Qatar
  • Valid Qatar driving license
  • Written and spoken English skills are mandatory
  • Customer relation skills are a must
  • Capacity for negotiations
  • Telecommunication skills

Beneficial Qualities

  • Knowledge of Arabic (Speaking and/or writing) will be an advantage
  • Capacity for data verification; handling logistical information with diligence and ease
  • Proactive attitude and good problem-solving skills
  • Confidence in presentation and problem solving
  • Experience with digital platforms for marketing and research
  • Healthy work attitude, either independently or as a team player

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