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Quality Policy

Dyarco International Group is committed to:

a)     Identifying potential business partners to establish JV Companies in Qatar,

b)     Providing its foreign partners with support in terms of knowledge of legal formalities in the State of Qatar with regard to business setup and operation,

c)      Identifying business opportunities and/or connections to facilitate growth of the JV Companies set up,

d)     Keeping the JV Companies informed of upcoming projects and industry focus, tender releases, project developments and opportunities, and events in Qatar,

e)     Promoting an awareness of the activities of the group companies, in order to facilitate opportunities for mutual benefit and cooperation within the group,

f)       Assisting JV Companies and Partners to register as vendors with Q Companies and Government Organizations,

g)      Providing assistance, as requested by JV Companies and/or Foreign Partners, with regard to issuing of Government documents, visas and permits,

h)     Actively following up with Government Bodies on pending applications, and taking necessary actions to avoid delay in issuing documents applied for,

i)        Establishing a Quality Management System that provides a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives, aimed at continual improvement,

j)        Complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,

k)      Giving opportunities for the Foreign Partners and JV Companies to express the problems faced in dealing with Dyarco International Group, if any, and in taking measures to eliminate the same as soon as possible, and

l)        Accepting suggestions for improvement from within and outside the company, so as to provide the best service to all our business partners.