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National Sports Day 2018

National Sports Day 2018 Featured Image

February 2018 | Dyarco International Group and Intergroup jointly organised activities on the occasion of the annual sports day. Employees from both Groups took part in various outdoor activities at Al Ahli Sports Club. Group companies including Leminar, Troy Engineering, Dyarco Shipping Services, Al Failaq International Trading, Intergroup Shipping and Intergroup Retail participated in the event.

A mix of individual and collective games for kids and adults took place between 8am and 1pm. Medals and trophies were awarded to individual and team winners.The younger participants also had a chance to exercise with a lemon and spoon race and 100 meters running race.

Leminar did exceptionally well and won 1st prize for Cricket, Relay and Men’s running race, and 2nd prize for football and basketball games. Troy engineering won 1st prize for the tug of war, and women’s running race. Intergroup / Intergroup Retail respectively won 1st prize for basketball and football. Dyarco / Dyarco Tech came 2nd in Cricket, Relay and men'/women’s running races.

Sports Day remains an annual tradition in which the employees and their families take part in promoting sports and healthy living. Over 200 employees joined the event, an increase of 100% compared to 2017. Light healthy refreshments as well as lunch were provided to all participants.