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Intercol Dyarco and Alcatel Lucent Celebrate 20 years of partnership

Intercol Dyarco and Alcatel Lucent  Celebrate 20 years of partnership Featured Image

Intercol Dyarco, a leading communications and technology services venture in Qatar, celebrated a vibrant 20-year partnership between global telecoms company Alcatel Lucent and Intercol at a reception that honorured HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani.

Sheikh Faisal, chairman of Al Faisal Holding — one of  the parent companies of the business house Dyarco International Group (Dyarco is a partnership between Ebrahim Al Neama of  Al Neama and Sons Holding and H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani of Al Faisal Holding) which set up a joint venture with Intercol in Qatar, was given an award by senior members of Alcatel Lucent in recognition of his support over two decades and for the growth of the dynamic partnership, which provides IP telephony, wireless and data solu tions in Qatar.
Alcatel Lucent’s Moreno Ciboldi, senior vice-president (South Europe, Middle East and Africa) was joined by Baher Ezzat, sales director (Middle East); Najeh Khalil, regional director (Upper Gulf) and Ahmed Bashir, solution architect.
In return, they were given a book by Sheikh Faisal of rare Arabic scriptures dating back 5,000 years. Present at the ceremony from Intercol were Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan, deputy director; Dinesh Ramankutty, general manager (S&I) and Ahmed Al Bahrana, deputy general manager (S&I). Representing Intercol Dyarco were U Achu, general manager; NV Raghavan, operations manager; Mahesh Gowda, sales manager and Krishna Prasad, account manager.
Intercol established a partnership with Alcatel in 1993, when the telecommunications market in Bahrain was liberalised and is now a Premium Business Partner for Alcatel Lucent with more than 1,000 customers for the company’s products in Bahrain and Qatar.
Initially, Intercol handled the voice products of Alcatel,then as Alcatel become Alcatel Lucent, Intercol took over the responsibility for the entire product portfolio, including voice, data and wireless.
The relationship was further enhanced in 2007 when Intercol set up a joint venture in Qatar with Dyarco International, an affiliate company of Al Faisal Holding and a consultancy which represents a diverse range of leading industries and multi-national enterprises in Qatar.