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Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Photo

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani

Group Chairman

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, one of Qatar’s leading entrepreneurs, plays a significant role in the development of the Qatari economy and infrastructure. He is the Chairman of the Qatari Businessmen Association, Al Faisal Holding and Aamal Company Q.S.C. For more than 40 years, Sheikh Faisal has introduced many opportunities and attracted foreign investments into many different sectors in his beloved country Qatar. 

Sheikh Faisal started his business in 1964 with a small company that dealt in automobile spare parts. Today, through his vision and leadership, Sheikh Faisal has successfully established over 40 companies that operate under “Al Faisal Holding” and cover a wide range of industry and commerce.

Al Faisal Holding has many divisions operating under its umbrella including; property, hospitality, trading, services, education, international investment, transportation and entertainment. Through internal growth, mergers & acquisitions, industry success and international partnerships, Al Faisal Holding has established itself as a leading player in the fast-paced local, regional and global marketplace.

Al Faisal’s investments include its interest in Aamal Company Q.S.C., it is one of the largest diversified companies quoted on the Qatar Stock Exchange with paid up capital QAR6.3billion, and is a constituent member of the QE Index which is a measure of the 20 largest and most liquid stocks listed on the exchange market.  

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani is not only considered a leading business icon, but he is also regarded as a key player in promoting the heritage and culture of Qatar, and is very proud of Qatar’s Islamic history, and the impact it has had on the social behavior of Qatari society. As a tribute to this, Sheikh Faisal has combined and displayed his private collection of some of the most unique coins, books, manuscripts, ceramics, carpets and antique cars in a specialized museum "Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum" a popular destination not only for tourists, but for cultural and historical researchers as well.

Sheikh Turki bin Faisal Al Thani  Photo

Sheikh Turki bin Faisal Al Thani


Sheikh Turki has successfully managed Al Sawari Holding since its inception and plays a leading role in attracting international business ventures and global brands to the company’s ever-diversifying portfolio.

Sheikh Turki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Georgetown University, Qatar.

Mr. Ebrahim Al Neama Photo

Mr. Ebrahim Al Neama


Mr. Ebrahim Al-Neama is the Chairman of Ebrahim Al Neama & Sons Holding Group, and is a member of the Qatar Businessmen Association. Mr. Ebrahim Al-Neama is one of Qatar’s most prominent industrialists, with twelve factories operating under Ebrahim Al Neama & Sons Holding Group; it is the largest in the country’s private sector.

A Law Graduate from Arab University of Beirut; Mr. Al Neama started his career as a diplomat with Qatar’s Foreign Ministry. He served as an Ambassador of Qatar to the UAE until 1984, when he decided to pursue his own business ventures. Accordingly, he partnered with Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, by forming INTERGROUP and DYARCO INTERNATIONAL and ventured into the Oil and Gas and Infrastructure sectors.

Mr. Al-Neama has been involved in the business sector for more than 25 years. Coming from a business family, he has in-depth knowledge of business in Qatar and a vision to become partners in the country’s economic progress. Ebrahim Al Neama & Sons Holding employs over 1,600 people, both directly and indirectly, including a team of skilled Professionals that assist with the management of Local and International Business matters.

The Companies established since 1984, for which he holds the active part of Chairmanship and Managing Partner role, represent many well reputed International names in Qatar which include Maersk Sea land, Baytur, Jotun Paints, KONE Elevators, to name a few. In addition Mr. Al-Neama has ownership in several other businesses, ranging from manufacturing (paints, pipes and plastics) to fashion retail outlets and themed restaurants.

Mr. Ullatil Achu Photo

Mr. Ullatil Achu

General Manager

Mr. Achu is the General Manager of Dyarco International Group since 2000. With over 22 years of experience working in prominent International Banks, including the World Bank, He has held positions in executive management and business leadership roles over the years. Mr. Achu offers his exceptional expertise to inspire his team to get results, particularly business start-ups and acquisitions.

Under Mr. Achu’s leadership and guidance, Dyarco has grown tremendously and currently boasts long-term relationships with some of the leading organizations in the world. He is responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships globally. His involvement in the business development and senior management has helped Dyarco win the prestigious “International Quality Crown Award” from London for Commitment to Quality and Leadership, representing business success in Qatar for 2008.

Mr. Achu is a highly motivated individual and also holds Executive and Senior directorship in some of the Group companies – including Hepworth PME Qatar, Leminar Qatar, Al Failaq International Trading, Qatar Oilfield Supply Center and Singapore Petroleum Qatar to name a few. His experience and leadership has enabled him to successfully lead his team of professionals to run the day to day management of Dyarco.