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Over 25 years of experience has made Troy Engineering a diversified construction expert with unmatched experience and a safety record that proves we care for our employees and clients. Our capacity to simultaneously construct multiple pipelines across the world and our development of many modern pipeline construction techniques puts Troy Engineering among the elite in the pipeline construction field.

We have the resources, skills and manpower to complete every kind of pipeline work, ranging from small stations and small networks to large diameter pipeline networks.

Troy`s pipeline construction services consistently exceeds the expectations of its clients. We are proud to state that there is no project challenge the company hasn`t encountered and completed to customer satisfaction.

Dyarco International Group has acquired ownership of Troy Engineering.

Company Project Profile

  • Rasgas Onshore Expansion RGX6
  • Pearl GTL Camp Project
  • Rasgas Onshore Expansion RGX6
  • Metring Station
  • Air Separation Unit AOC & Fire Fighting System Pipe Lines
  • North Road Project
  • Leak Detention Pond
  • TSE Permanent Disposal System
  • Emiri Hangar Project
  • NDIA Utility System CP-13
  • Express Way Project
  • Emiri Hangar Project
  • CTJV site Ras Laffan
  • Lusail Development - CP 2
  • Pearl GTL Project. Contract No.QSGTL-PI-099
  • Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project
  • Pearl GTL Project. Project No.3314
  • Gabbro Berth Expansion, Mesaieed
  • Ras Gas Long Term EPCM Service Contract Irrigation Water Disposal Project - Main Pipeline
  • Ras Gas Long Term EPCM Service Contract Irrigation Water Disposal Project - Distribution Line
  • Lusail Development City Project
  • New Doha International Project - Main Terminal Building
  • New Doha International Project - Main Terminal Building
  • GABBRO Support Services Area (GSSA) and Light Industrial Area In Messaieed
  • Doha South Sewage Treatment Work Phase II Expension
  • Al Khor TSE Lagoon
  • Polyethylene Plant in Mesaieed Industrial City
  • Doha North Sewerage Treatment & Associated Works
  • Doha Express Way Package 7, Salwa Road