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Intercol Dyarco specilises in telecommunication. It has a team of skilled and highly motivated Telecom & IT professionals with expertise in their own domains. This combined with dedication, coordination and people skills makes our spirits high and helped us to build an efficient team which has always met deadlines and provided deliverables and post delivery support to the customer’s utmost satisfaction proven, effective and professional service.

Built on firm foundations, good customer relations, constant attention to detail and the professionalism of its well-trained and qualified workforce, Intercol continues to ensure that it keeps abreast of the needs and demands of economies and businesses through the introduction of new products, processes and advanced technology.

Intercol is an Accredited Premium Business Partner of Alcatel-Lucent, France, which is the highest level of certification which a partner can be awarded with Alcatel-Lucent for Enterprise Converged Solutions.

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