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Established in 1992 as a partnership between Ebrahim Al Neama of  Al Neama and Sons Holding and H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani of Al Faisal Holding, Dyarco represents a diverse range of leading industries and multinational companies, which are united by a commitment to quality in their respective fields. While Dyarco’s initial business strength came from the nation’s natural resources of the oil and gas industries along with a representation of multi-national energy companies, within a short time Dyarco has grown to becoming a driving force in the Qatari market, expanding and diversifying rapidly to other industrial sectors.

Dyarco provides an innovative approach to service consulting and partnership opportunities for international companies. Through the establishment of a wide range of businesses, Dyarco offers continual technical and functional support to its principals, tailored to fit its client’s specific needs.